Julia matapang na rumesbak kay Bea

Tinotoo ni Julia Barretto ang sinabi niya sa reply niya sa isang fan sa Twitter na “wala kayong alam. Wait lang…”

julia matapang na rumesbak kay bea - Julia matapang na rumesbak kay Bea
ABANTE julia barretto walf of fame ph - Julia matapang na rumesbak kay Bea

Ni Rose Garcia

Tinotoo ni Julia Barretto ang sinabi niya sa reply niya sa isang fan sa Twitter na “wala kayong alam. Wait lang…”

Kahapon ng gabi, binasag na ni Julia ang pananahimik, bukod sa ilang panaka-nakang tila pagpapasa­ring sa mga basher niya sa Instagram sa mga nakaraang araw, this time, multiple post ang ginawa ni Julia na directly, sinagot ang dalawang isyung ibinabato sa kanya.

Itinanggi niyang may third party sa break-up nila ni Joshua Garcia na four months ago na raw.

Pinangalanan din niya si Bea Alonzo at sinabihan na ginamit ang influence nito for social media irresponsibility at bullying sa halip na ipakita ang strength at grace ng isang kababaihan.

Ang picture nila ni Bea noong bata pa siya at teenager pa ang huli bilang mga Star Magic artists ang ginamit ni Julia sa cover ng post niya.
Nandito ang ilan sa kanyang statement: “These past weeks, my faith, my patience, and my strength were put to the test.

“I have endured many harsh words hurled against me and my family everywhere on social media. It is exhausting and painful. While some might have forgotten, I am also human.

“I was attacked for two issues: 1. I cheated on my boyfriend. 2. I was the cause of another relationship’s break-up.

“Let’s be clear: Josh and I had broken up four months ago. We have publicly admitted it together and we have cleared that there was no third-party involved.

“From now on, anything I do in my private and love life is not considered as cheating, and is none of anyone’s business.

“Secondly, I believe Gerald has already made it clear that a third party was not the cause of their break up. I would like to disassociate myself from the break up of Bea and Gerald. Their issues are entirely their own.

“However, since I was brought into this mess without a choice, this is what I have to say. Your heartbreak should have been a private matter, but you have selfishly turned into something of national concern.

“Bea, you wanted to keep your hands clean by not mentioning me in your contriversial post, but with click of a finger, in your sly way, you have charged everybody to destroy me FOR YOU.

“You have encouraged a culture of hate by purposely liking harmless photos, putting malice into the minds of many, which resulted in the outrage of insults against me.

“You are a woman of great influence and following. You could have used that power to promote strength and grace in women, but instead, you’ve used that to promote social media irresponsibility. That is downright bullying.”

Sinabi rin ni Julia na hindi na raw niya hahayaang maapektuhan ng pambabash sa kanya. At kung playing victim daw si Bea sa isyu nila ngayon, hindi raw niya hahayaang biktimahin naman ng ex-girlfriend ni Gerald.

“You can play victim all you want, but I refuse to be your victim.”
Aniya pa, “For the longest time, I’ve always dealt with everything in silence, but this time, I am forced to grow up. I will not sidetracked, derailed, and be dictated by people’s judgments and opinions about me.

“This is me setting myself free and getting my soul back.”
Dahil sa multiple post na ‘yun ni Julia, sunod-sunod naman na mga pagkampi na sa kanya ang mga comment. Karamihan sa comment na mababasa ay hinahangaan daw nila ito sa pagiging “strong woman”.

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