Baron Geisler kinopya si Joker

Matinding bugbugan! Habulan, suntukan mula bubong hanggang basketball court. Madugo! Puno ng aksiyon at drama!

baron geisler kinopya si joker - Baron Geisler kinopya si Joker
baron 4 - Baron Geisler kinopya si Joker

Goodbye ‘Probinsyano’

Ni Dondon Sermino

Matinding bugbugan! Habulan, suntukan mula bubong hanggang basketball court. Madugo! Puno ng aksiyon at drama!

Ganiyan nga ang pagtatapos ng karakter ni Baron Geisler bilang si Bungo sa “Ang Probinsyano” ni Coco Martin.

Kaloka nga na hanggang dulo, lumaban at gusto pa ring pumatay ng karakter ni Baron, ha! Gusto niyang isama sa impiyerno ang mga kalaban niya.

Pero siyempre, kailangan na ngang mamaalam si Bungo. Napaligiran na siya ng mga pulis, at wala na siyang kawala pa. Kaya ang mismong bomba na hawak niya, sa sarili niya rin sumabog.

At ano ang sabi ng mga fan?

The Emperor 3: “That is collateral damage , and the gun is laser pointed , at least shoot the head man, the bomb could have prevented from triggering.”

SHADOW OMG: “He is only the boss and he’s bodyguard are dead.”

Mark Vlogs: “Bungo is Like a Joker Jesus!”

MAR VIN: “My Top 5 Probinsyano Villains 1.Bungo 2.Jaquine 3.Homer 4.Don Emillio 5.Thomas.”

Yuan B.: “RIP Dante Alyas Bungo Madarang 2019 April-October Here’s A Dead Twins Cause Of Death Is Bomb Suicide And His Brother Gun Shot Was 2015.”

Redgie U.: “Executive Secretary Diana still didn’t know the true Lily, was she not in the military? Does she not know about surveillance, she should apply her military knowledge .if the producer is not aware, again I know extension of this series is the main objective of FPJ.”

Michael Doe: “Baron Geisler deserves to win Best Actor Award for Television.A good applause and standing ovation to him.Same with Direk Coco Martin.”

Jay Jay: “Bungo’s character was like the joker.”

Cool Duder Bro: “True when he got bopped he laugh.”

Zerious Command Center: “Batman and joker cardo and bungo.”

Jay Jay: “lm not actually saying that bungo and joker are the same. Its just that the way baron portrays bungo’s character as a psychotic maniac is just as close as the joker’s character. But let me tell you what they have in common, they’re both cold blooded, CRIME is their passion, its like their bread and butter and it will drive them crazy once they stopped. Im just saying so don’t be a crybaby about it.”

JAN2MARS: “He kind of reminds me of Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker. I don’t think he was ever portrayed as clever as the Joker but he thrived off chaos just because he could. Little rhyme or reason. Except unlike the Joker, he had an actual backstory. Also, he has long hair.”

SonicNights: “yep (Heath Ledger from the Dark Knight or the new one, NOT JARED LETO).”

Cj Salinas: “Baron was great! He lift up the show into the highest rating… i hope they gave more shows for baron.”

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